For centuries we have relied on water to survive and to flourish. Given the increased effects of climate change we feel an urgency to act more quickly than ever before—to preserve our landscape and ensure that future generations will be able to thrive.

Why the blue delta?

The Blue Delta is not only the land we live on, but a mindset. For the more than 2 million people on the delta the need to act for the future is now. As we have in the past, the integration of our governance systems, industry and lives has allowed for us to grow and thrive over the last 8 centuries, and we believe a plan for the future should reach farther than any current plan in place—beyond 2030. To that end, based on solid knowledge, we need the creative and imaginative involvement of everyone to meet the challenges of our time.

  • Global challenges require accelerating implementation on regional level
  • The Blue Delta region is aging which gives challenges for future employment
  • Anticipating on a more mission driven Europe
  • Co-creating bottom-up energy of initiatives requires connection with top-down challenges
  • To be able to move flexibly with constantly changing insights and challenges

What do we want to achieve?

Derived from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we translate global tasks into meaning and significance for our Blue Delta together with partners in government, academia, industry and most importantly the people that live here. As a conduit of knowledge and history, The Blue Delta Coalition is bringing together our communities to ensure that we strive together, we work as one and that we save our Blue Delta for future generations to come.




Our main Blue Delta mission is to achieve broad prosperity by 2030. Within this overall mission we see three transition themes as the most important ingredients for success.

Theme 1


In 2030 the Blue Delta is the leading region in all water related topics. From climate adaptation, new technology and water-tourism

Theme 2


In 2030 the Blue Delta is the most circular region of Europe. Transforming energy, agri-culture, water & raw materials into circular systems

Theme 3


In 2030 we are the top Vital, Inspired and Connected region. Bringing us the happiest people in Europe.

How are we going to achieve that?

We are building a Blue Delta platform around these three themes on which existing and new related landmark initiatives can flourish. We activate this platform through targeted interventions.

Stap 1


With the Uitkijkers, we look at the Blue Delta's broad prosperity mission from the SDG perspectives.

Stap 2


The Blue Delta mission for prosperity consists of three sub-missions.

Stap 3


On the Blue Delta platform, we use driving methods to steer De Uitkijkers. And we aim to stimulate landmark initiatives.